At NUP Ltd, we undertake the management of both commercial and residential properties with a personalized approach to each of its landlords using a team of accountants and well-trained property managers coupled with the use of SAP software technology. The software allows real-time access of tenants and landlords data ensuring that our clients are always up-to-date with their properties’ performance.

Our ultimate goal is to provide professional property management through the effective and efficient management of properties to ensure:

Tenant satisfaction

Tenants’ satisfaction relates to product and service quality. It is one of the most powerful marketing tools. In rendering our services to the tenants, we will strive to achieve quality and satisfaction that in turn increases economic returns on investment.

Sustained income for our clients/landlords

One of our goals is to maximize profits for our clients. This begins with getting you the highest market rent possible for your property. Then, we turn around vacant properties quickly through aggressive marketing and fast screening of interested applicants. Using our own maintenance staff when maintenance is warranted helps keep costs lower to put more money in your pockets.