There is an increasing recognition of the importance of education can play in developing entrepreneurial mind-sets and attitude and improving young people’s lives. Effective youth entrepreneurship education prepares young people to be responsible, enterprising individuals who become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers and contribute to economic development and sustainable communities.

In addition, future innovation and economic growth will depend on future entrepreneurs.  Youth entrepreneurship training is a key tool to unleashing the economic potential of youth and promoting sustainable growth. At Norwich Union Properties Ltd, we want to ensure our young entrepreneurs and SMEs owners are well equipped with skills that enable them to make informed decisions with all of their financial resources to enhance their performance and success rate.

We do this by training on Financial Literacy and have established several objectives to achieve this, by;  

  • Assisting the entrepreneurs  in writing Business plans
  • Linking entrepreneurs to financiers and negotiating terms of the agreement.
  • Understanding  income and taxes
  • Learning on budgeting and saving
  • Understanding debt, credit, and credit reporting

Through proper training, financial literacy advertently leads to;

  • Business Stability
  • Tracking business growth
  • Informing decision-making process
  • Attracting potential investors